биткойн казино

As awesome as it is, Bitcoin’s complete anonymity and lack of regulations leave the door open for questionable practices.

We are here to find, research and evaluate the most reliable Bitcoin casinos out there and to weed out the bad ones. This is especially the case with digital currencies such as bitcoin, which is also responsible for the introduction of provably fair protocols on bitcoin casinos throughout the world.

With estimated 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users, Bitcoin popularity as crypto currency is growing steadily.

Characteristically being a better partner for internet transactions, it is set to change the way we use the internet.

Many online casinos are quick to see the unique advantages (discussed blow) of being a bitcoin casino and started adding bitcoin to their payment systems.[To fit all in one line, “certainty with hashing, security and privacy with anonymity and cheap(almost free) and agile transactions” are all possible with casinos that accept bitcoin deposits]It is hard to determine which of these bitcoin casino advantages is the best, as they are all, in an ideal case are all must haves for every online casino. Unlike traditional payment methods, bitcoin transactions are fast and easy. , with bitcoin as a mode of casino deposit, you don’t have to worry about 2%-20% of deposit amount as transactions fee (all other traditional payment modes like Paypal, banks, credit cards, wire transfers charge transaction fee).

All you need is a good bitcoin wallet and best bitcoin casino site and you can start playing your bitcoin casino games in minutes. There is no certain percentage of transaction fee, however, small processing charges are involved in bitcoin transactions these days, but no matter how many bitcoins or satoshis you want to deposit, the processing fee range won’t cross 10-30cents.

Moreover, bitcoin casinos deposits are direct and does not depend on any third party payment processor.

So, only with bitcoin, everything happens instantly and transactions are for free. Yes, Bitcoin- the famous cryptocurrency is designed to be secure for any online operation.

Not just that, the transaction with bitcoin are anonymous.

So with BTC casinos, you can gamble from any locations, even from those places where gambling activities are normally banned, for one reason or another.

For example gamblers in countries like USA, where gambling is extensively regulated, the anonymity that bitcoin casinos provide is such a relief.

No wonder casinos that accept bitcoin are big buzz in USA gambling scene.